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Rid Your Systems of Struvite and Vivianite


What’s Struvite or vivianite?

Struvite is shaped while ammonia, phosphate, and magnesium come in combination to precipitate and commence Struvite crystallization. Struvite can provide itself as a white, brown, or yellowish hardened substance.

Vivianite is a mixture of iron, phosphorus, hydrogen, and oxygen and is shaped all the way through anaerobic digestion. Vivianite repeatedly gifts as a deep blue to deep blue-inexperienced crystalized colour.

Either one of those formations can all of a sudden adhere to more than a few apparatus surfaces. Each Struvite and Vivianite crystalize and solidify to rock-like formations. Struvite and vivianite formations considerably scale back go with the flow and capability inside of wastewater remedy crops inflicting vital upkeep prices and lack of potency.

The place do you in finding Struvite or Vivianite?

Struvite and Vivianite are repeatedly present in commercial piping that has wastewater with Magnesium, Ammonia, or Phosphate. Spaces inside of wastewater techniques so much at risk of those formations are piping, particularly ninety° bends, valves, T fittings, pumps, belt presses, centrifuges, Digesters, grit monitors, and warmth exchangers.

Learn how to eliminate Struvite and Vivianite?

The most typical fear with Struvite and Vivianite is tips on how to eliminate them with no need to switch pipes or lead to interruptions. While eliminating Struvite or Vivianite, you’ll be able to both do it chemically or by way of hydro-blasting. At the same time as hydro-blasting has its advantages, so much piping lays underground which makes this technique inefficient. Chemical answers are probably the greatest and highest approach of dissolving Struvite and Vivianite from pipes. While lowered float is spotted inside of pipes using chemical answers right through the movement procedure to ruin Struvite and Vivianite formation is the wastewater operator’s top choice.  As those chemical compounds react with the construction blocks of struvite and vivianite, they often dissolve formations discovered inside the pipes. Our strategy to dissolving the Struvite and Vivianite is our ScaleBreak®-SS, a non-hydrochloric acid answer.

ScaleBreak®-SS can dissolve struvite and vivianite formations, restoring the go with the flow of pipes and gear. Each and every gadget cleansing process will have to take the precise demanding situations associated with that exact device under consideration.  Relying at the severity of the Struvite/vivianite formation, those methodologies can vary from static soaking to movement to glide reversal or all 3.

Subsequent Steps:

Succeed in out to a Goodway professional to seek out one of the simplest ways to get your pipes again to top situation.


Updated: July 16, 2021 — 7:25 am