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Special Considerations for Cleaning HVAC Equipment on Rooftops

While architects and engineers layout a brand new construction, the site of mechanical apparatus is all the time the most important attention. Generally, HVAC device parts like ductwork and piping are put in so construction occupants can not see them. Ductwork is administered above the ceiling, piping in chases, and gear is frequently put in at the roof out of sight and out of thoughts. Out of sight, is just right for aesthetics, however for the technicians that experience to stay roof fixed HVAC apparatus maintained, out of thoughts could make their paintings more difficult.

Servicing roof-fixed apparatus is extra bad than servicing apparatus at floor degree as a result of there’s all the time the danger of losing equipment from the roof or falling off the construction. In spite of fall coverage and railings, injuries do occur right through HVAC upkeep.

As well as, serving roof-fixed devices ceaselessly method longer arrange and blank up. As such, technicians want get right of entry to to gentle and compact upkeep apparatus. While the equipment and machines used for carrier are small and lightweight, setup time is minimized and extra time is spent keeping up apparatus now not dragging issues off and on the roof. As soon as the upkeep apparatus is in position at the roof, group of workers need to be cautious to not go back and forth over hoses and tool cords that may have fatal outcomes.

As with each and every piece of air con apparatus, the condensers put in on roofs and rooftop package deal devices have preventative upkeep duties required to stay them functioning appropriately. For condenser and evaporator coil cleansing, Goodway Applied sciences makes the process simple with their CC-one hundred Backpack CoilPro®. Weighing handiest 25 kilos dry, technicians can slip at the backpack and navigate as much as onerous to succeed in HVAC apparatus. If you wish to have to fill the water reservoir sooner than going up the ladder, in spite of 2 ½ gallons of water and 1 ½ quarts of coil purifier the CoilPro continues to be most effective 50 kilos. The system makes use of a 12V rechargeable battery and an fundamental water and chemical tank so there aren’t any energy cords or water hoses to travel on making this a in point of fact moveable and protected cleansing device. Upload CoilShine® Coil Cleansing answer within the chemical hopper and coils get purifier than ever prior to. Upkeep body of workers can stroll from rooftop unit to warmth pump to freezer coil, cleansing as they move while not having to relocate a heavy cleansing system or stumbling on their equipment.

The HVAC techniques for greater homes would possibly come with roof-fixed cooling towers. Absolutely uncovered to the weather together with dangerous climate, blowing particles, exhaust enthusiasts’ discharge, and leaves, cooling towers want common carrier to stay all of the water-cooled gadget running correctly. The risks of running on a roof are amplified while the apparatus calls for greater than only a spray down of the coils. Cooling tower upkeep is a multi-step process that incorporates descaling, cleansing, and disinfecting the tower internal. Those 3 other upkeep approaches probably want 3 other units of equipment and gear. For group of workers, the time spent mobilizing and demobilizing all the equipment, energy washers, and sprayers eats into their carrier time and with each and every travel up the ladder, there’s the danger of damage. Thankfully, Goodway evolved a gadget that mixes descaling, cleansing and, sanitizing in a single system.

With a just right stability of energy and portability, the Goodway TFC-two hundred Cleansing Device shall we technicians carry out best cooling tower carrier cleansing duties with one device! The TFC-two hundred is fixed on wheels for max portability and has a footprint of handiest twenty-seven sq. inches, making it simple for technicians to paintings whilst decreasing the danger of stumbling as they negotiate roof edges.

With one compact device, technicians can descale, blank, and disinfect cooling towers with out shifting or converting apparatus, making roof-fixed cooling tower cleansing more secure than ever prior to. ScaleBreak®-Gel descaler can be utilized at the fill dissolving very onerous and potency-robbing scale on touch. TowerShine™ foaming fill purifier can minimize thru last dust at the fill. Technicians can use the thirty-six inch extension wands to succeed in even the inner most corners of very massive cooling towers. Goodway’s EPA registered disinfectant, BioSpray®-Tower will kill ninety nine.nine% of destructive micro organism like Legionella while used as directed on cooling tower exhausting non-porous surfaces.

HVAC apparatus put in on rooftops faces the worst of the out of doors prerequisites and can also be forgotten by way of construction house owners. While it’s time to accomplish upkeep in this apparatus, technicians come upon the danger of  risks that come from losing a device or an damage from a fall. Goodway’s line of compact, moveable, and strong cleansing techniques makes mobilizing cleansing apparatus on a roof more uncomplicated, so on the finish of the day your techniques are blank and your carrier team of workers get the task performed correctly.

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Updated: April 23, 2019 — 8:57 pm