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The Importance of Clean Condenser Water Systems

Business HVAC methods account for among forty and 50 % of a construction’s overall power use. With one device being chargeable for such a lot value, facility managers and construction house owners have a duty to their tenants to scale back the device’s power use at the same time as nonetheless preserving folks comfy. On higher homes with water cooled chillers and cooling towers, those difficult items of cooling apparatus are interconnected. While as soon as piece of kit isn’t running smartly that inefficiency spreads during all of the HVAC gadget riding up power prices. Thru just right upkeep practices, facility managers will have apparatus that operates successfully and stay power prices at standard ranges.

Baltimore Aircoil, probably the most biggest cooling tower producers on the planet, revealed a technical article entitled The Worth of Keeping up Evaporative Cooling Apparatus. The thing notes the connection among cooling tower cleansing and general gadget efficiency; “Cooling tower parts will have to be stored blank and freed from obstructions. Neglecting the cooling tower will result in upper than preferred go back water temperatures to the gadget, so one can lead to upper power utilization”.

How does all of this apparatus attach and give a contribution to general gadget serve as? A chiller works by way of disposing of construction warmth (warmth from other folks, lighting fixtures, computer systems, and so on…) from within the construction and rejecting that warmth to the condenser water loop. While the condenser water absorbs the construction warmth, the water warms up and is pumped out of doors to the cooling tower. The cooling tower extracts the construction warmth from the condenser water and rejects the warmth to the ambience. As the warmth is transferred out of the condenser water, the condenser water cools down and funky water is pumped again to the chiller to take in extra construction warmth.

If the cooling tower is clogged with scale and slime, the tower can not successfully extract construction warmth from the condenser water, so the condenser water is still hotter than it will have to be. The nice and cozy water is pumped again to the chiller and the chiller has to paintings additional exhausting to push new construction warmth into the nice and cozy condenser water. The Baltimore Air Coil article discussed above, explains that “[a]s little as 1°C upper [return condenser water] temperature may end up in 6% extra power being fed on by way of the chiller.” The total gadget potency drops as a result of the grimy cooling tower, leading to upper application expenses and bigger put on at the chiller.

A cooling tower is in fact a easy piece of kit to take care of. Then again, because the tower is steadily now not put in at the roof close to different HVAC apparatus, it suffers from being out of sight and out of thoughts. “The cooling tower is incessantly the forgotten section of the gadget with regards to upkeep” says a Baltimore Air Coil consultant throughout a cooling tower upkeep interview.

Cooling tower cleansing, an critical a part of upkeep, comprises scale removing and remedy for organic contaminates. Cleansing and treating cooling towers is more uncomplicated while technicians have the proper equipment and chemical compounds. Goodway gives a couple of cleansing techniques together with a few in particular designed for doing away with accrued scale on tower fill. The TFC-two hundred shall we upkeep body of workers spray a descaling answer akin to ScaleBreak®-Gel in an instant onto the fill to dissolve buildup with out destructive the tower fill itself. As soon as the size is dissolved away, technicians can amendment to a turbo nozzle in top quantity mode to rinse off the fill. The similar TFC-two hundred can be utilized to use a cleansing answer throughout upkeep just like the EPA registered Goodway BioSpray®-Tower. This EPA registered disinfectant kills ninety nine.nine% of Legionella pneumophila while appropriately implemented to arduous, nonporous surfaces like cooling towers.

Whilst the cooling tower is operating out of doors to reject construction warmth to the ambience, the chillers are inside of getting rid of warmth to stay the occupants cool. Like a cooling tower, a chiller needs to be stored loose from dust, slime and scale to function correctly. The operations and upkeep guide for Trane’s water-cooled chillers notes “[t]o take care of most [chiller] potency, the condenser will have to stay freed from scale and sludge. Even an overly skinny coating at the tube floor would possibly very much lower condenser warmth switch capability.” Contracting Industry mag supplied HVAC contractors with Ten Guidelines for Business Chiller Upkeep the place they emphasised that “[h]consume switch potency has the best unmarried impact on chiller efficiency, so blank warmth switch is prime to keeping up top potency. Contaminants similar to minerals, scale, dust, algae and different impurities building up thermal resistance and scale back general efficiency.

Blank, particles-loose warmth switch surfaces inside the chiller are an absolute requirement for an HVAC gadget to take away construction warmth successfully. When you consider that water cooled chillers are available numerous sizes, and the deposit in tubes can run from dust to limescale, Goodway additionally gives chiller tube cleansing apparatus in a variety of sizes to lend a hand technicians. Their massive number of equipment supplies for the choice of correctly sized brushes and equipment for the specific chiller being serviced. If you wish to be informed extra approximately that, see those articles.

There is not any means across the necessity of cleansing and descaling cooling towers and water cooled chillers. Each items of kit must be ceaselessly serviced to stay surfaces freed from deposits that inhibit warmth switch and harm potency. Goodway has the equipment and cleaners to lend a hand upkeep workforce keep on most sensible of preventative upkeep duties for all in their apparatus.

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Updated: November 14, 2018 — 6:49 am