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HVAC lingo: top 10 terms you should know

By way of: Griff Housemeyer  |  August 26, 2021

Have you ever ever talked to an HVAC technician and felt like they have been talking a unique language? We get it. Heating and cooling is filled with technical (and from time to time insider) phrases that may be complicated to the typical home-owner. However it’s if truth be told more uncomplicated to have in mind than it would appear in the beginning! 

We’ve compiled our most sensible 10 so much essential HVAC phrases under. Taking a bit of time to be mindful those provides you with the information you wish to have to make essential selections for your house and really feel at ease together with your device. 



This one would possibly appear glaring, however it’s necessary to be mindful the whole thing the furnace does. Right through the less warm months, your furnace will warmth your house both thru fuel or electrical energy. It’s necessary to notice, on the other hand, that the primary fan (blower) of your device could also be situated within the furnace. This a part of the furnace works yr-spherical to transport air (whether or not scorching or chilly) thru your house. 


This phase, adjoining on your furnace, is the indoor a part of your cooling gadget. Those coils are designed to get very chilly and lend a hand keep an eye on your house’s temperature. The Evaporator Coil is perhaps on most sensible of your furnace, although it may be in different positions according to the kind of furnace you have got (see subsequent time period). 


Those phrases merely discuss with the path through which your gadget movements the air into your house. You can also listen those phrases from a technician or learn them in a product abstract. 

In an Upflow device, the air entering your furnace (referred to as go back air) begins on the backside and is driven upward into your ductwork. In case your indoor unit is in a basement, you most likely have an Upflow. 

In a Downflow device, the go back air comes into your furnace on the most sensible and is driven downward into your ductwork. When you have registers within the flooring, you probably have a Downflow. 

In a Horizontal device, the go back air comes into your furnace on one aspect and flows out the opposite aspect. Horizontal methods are extra not unusual in attics and move slowly areas, the place vertical area is restricted. 


That is the technical identify in your out of doors unit. Most of the people merely name it the “air conditioner.” It makes a speciality of taking out scorching air from the house and works with the evaporator coil to chill the house. 


A warmth pump is one of those condenser that works in each heating and cooling. This implies a warmth pump will all the time be running. In the summertime, it pulls heat air out of the house and sends chilly refrigerant again to be able to cool it. Conversely, within the wintry weather it pulls ambient warmth from the air (that is imaginable despite the fact that it feels chilly out of doors) and sends that heat into the house.

Warmth Pumps may be able to warmth your house to a undeniable temperature, however will want lend a hand heating your house while temperatures get into the 30s. That is referred to as auxiliary (or emergency) warmth and can come from the heating parts for your furnace. 



Those are all power scores for the more than a few varieties of devices. The upper the score with each and every of those, the easier the device will run. In different phrases, a better quantity way a gadget will use much less power to warmth and funky your house.

AFUE– this stands for Annual Gas Usage Potency and is related to fuel furnaces. AFUE is a proportion that presentations how so much the furnace’s power supply is transformed to heating, with the remaining being misplaced to exhaust.  So then, a better proportion method much less power misplaced. Power environment friendly devices could have AFUE within the 90s, whilst same old devices shall be within the 80s.

SEER– this stands for Seasonal Power Potency Ratio and is for air conditioners. Once more, the upper the SEER quantity, the extra environment friendly the unit. The present easiest SEER within the Daikin line is 23, with different devices coming in at 12 or above.

HSPF– this stands for Heating Seasonal Efficiency Issue and is used with warmth pumps. That is, in essence, the SEER score for a warmth pump’s heating mode. So much warmth pumps will include each a SEER (cooling) and HSPF (heating) score. You will have to search for an HSPF among eight-10, despite the fact that a few can succeed in above 12.



That is any other identify for the increasingly more widespread ductless air con techniques. An ordinary vital air gadget is referred to as a “cut up gadget” because it has each an indoor and out of doors element, and those are simply smaller variations of those who don’t use ducts, therefore the “mini.” 



“Level” is a connection with the extent of energy that may be used to warmth or cool your house. A unmarried-level unit best has one surroundings. It makes use of complete energy always, regardless of the temperature, to keep an eye on your house. Occasionally that is the correct quantity of energy wanted, however repeatedly it’s an useless quantity. Conversely, a multi-level unit can trade its degree of energy to the important quantity within the second. This reduces useless power use in much less excessive temperature prerequisites. Because of this, multi-level devices are extra power environment friendly.


This refers back to the method the blower motor inside the unit works. Just like the degrees above, a unmarried velocity motor all the time blows air on the comparable environment. Variable velocity automobiles may be able to transfer their energy surroundings to save lots of power while it’s now not wanted. As you’ll be able to believe, variable velocity devices are extra environment friendly.

10. BTU

This stands for British Thermal Unit and is a type of size for power. One BTU is the volume of power had to building up the temperature of a pound of water by way of 1 level. In relevant air devices, BTUs display how tough the unit is, whether or not in heating or in taking out warmth. The main think about figuring out the volume of BTUs you wish to have is the sq. pictures of your house.


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