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Trane vs. Carrier vs. Lennox

Looking for the most productive HVAC device can really feel such as you’re diving into an incredible, murky pool. The heating and cooling business has made a few prime improvements over the last decade, so getting to know the most productive manufacturers like Trane vs. Service, lets you really feel assured for your funding.

The highest HVAC manufacturers be offering various techniques. Whether or not you’re out there for the most productive worth, an power-environment friendly type, or the most productive guaranty, our assessment will lend a hand take the force off of buying the most productive AC unit. 

We’re evaluating 3 powerhouse manufacturers within the HVAC area: Lennox vs. Trane vs. Service.

Each and every logo gives an extended-status popularity for top of the range and reliability. Nonetheless, they have got variations in classes like power potency, compressors, and sensible options. 

The HVAC options that create a perfect environment in your circle of relatives would possibly vary very much from any other consumer. In our HVAC logo comparability information, we spotlight primary classes so you’ll be able to make a selection the best AC unit in response to the criteria you care approximately so much. 

What do they have got in not unusual?

As distinctive as each and every logo is, Service, Trane, and Lennox percentage a few essential features. From striking consumer pride to status at the back of the workmanship of the apparatus, those manufacturers observe the next commonalities: 

  • They’re thought to be respected manufacturers within the HVAC business. Consistent with a Shopper Studies have a look at of 24,000 AC unit house owners, Trane, Service, and Lennox have been 3 of the 5 manufacturers rated “Very good” in consumer pride. 
  • All 3 cool your home with a mix of refrigerants referred to as R-410A. Service’s trademarked time period for this refrigerant is Puron®. 
  • Their AC devices fall underneath 3 pricing ranges, starting from worth to top class. 
  • All 3 be offering unmarried-level, twin-level, and variable-level compressors.
  • All be offering ACs which are suitable with sensible thermostats and virtual assistants.
  • A restricted guaranty comes same old with their AC devices.

Sensible Options

Winner: Trane

Trane, Service and Lennox all bucket their AC devices into 3 other levels. Each and every logo has a fundamental and so much reasonably priced tier, a top class tier with their so much pricey devices, and a center tier among the ones . Right here’s what each and every of the manufacturers name their worth, mid-degree and top class fashions.

LogoWorthMid-DegreeTop class

As worth will increase throughout each and every logo, so do the sensible options and facilities that include your unit. Under is an inventory of striking options and their availability by way of logo.

Trane vs. Service vs. Lennox: Sensible generation

If environment your thermostat to the appropriate temperature out of your telephone is your concept of an HVAC gadget that assists in keeping you comfy, Trane would possibly most sensible your record. 

Virtual assistant compatibility

Winner: Trane

Use your phone to hyperlink your AC to different sensible house apparatus, like lighting fixtures and thermostats, with virtual assistant compatibility. It’s handy and sensible, particularly for those who’re large into sensible generation and wish a good way to interconnect your units. 

All 3 manufacturers be offering ACs with this option. Trane’s generation is referred to as Nexia, and you’ll be able to pair your AC with Google House or Amazon Alexa. Lennox’s iComfort generation can pair with the similar virtual assistants as Trane, plus Siri. Service’s Cor Sensible House generation is suitable with Alexa. 

Sensible thermostat

Sensible thermostats let you keep an eye on your AC out of your telephone. You’ll be able to regulate the temperature and display your device’s power use. This useful device additionally updates you in your AC’s situation, so that you steer clear of having issues fester or move ignored. 

Each and every logo gives a number of sensible thermostats. For those who exchange your HVAC device, we propose putting in a sensible thermostat of the similar logo. The wi-fi generation frequently works absolute best while partnered with the meant gadget. 

Trane: Trane gives 4 types of sensible thermostats. The 2 so much pricey fashions use ComfortLink II generation. At the Trane site, its thermostats vary from three.6 to four.eight stars. Its Nexia app additionally has four.eight stars throughout virtually sixty seven,000 Apple app retailer reviewers, so customers appear glad with its high quality.

Service: While evaluating Service vs. Trane, Service has six types to Trane’s 4 sensible thermostats. Many permit you to keep an eye on 3 or extra separate zones inside of your home. This may well be perfect should you are living with family members who’ve robust, conflicting reviews on at ease temperatures. 

Service’s upper-finish sensible thermostats use Infinity generation. Word that Service’s Cor Thermostat app has an ordinary of one.6/five stars amongst 589 App Retailer reviewers. There are court cases concerning the app crashing and the extent of problem to make use of the device.

Lennox: Lennox gives 3 kinds of sensible thermostats, all of which use its proprietary iComfort generation. However even on Lennox’s site, its techniques have combined to bad critiques. Its 3 fashions vary from 2.2 to three.five stars. 

Service gives a greater variety of sensible generation, however each it and Lennox’s merchandise have left many customers needing extra. Trane earns the highest spot in relation to sensible generation way to the House App’s ease of use and skill to combine with different merchandise.

Power Potency

Winner: Lennox 

An AC unit’s power potency is measured at the SEER (Seasonal Power Potency Ratio or Score) scale. This quantity will get calculated over one cooling season, from April 15 to October 15. 

The SEER score is the cooling output of your apparatus divided by way of the volume of electrical power it takes to finish the cooling procedure. The upper a unit’s SEER, the extra power environment friendly it’s, and the fewer you’ll need to fork over to the electrical corporate each and every month. 

Under is a desk appearing each and every logo’s most SEER vary for its AC devices, arranged by way of worth tier. 

Most SEER Vary by way of Logo and Tier

XR: 14.five-sixteenEfficiency: thirteen-17Benefit: thirteen-17
XL: 17-18Convenience: thirteen-17Elite: 15.five-21
XV: 18-22Infinity: sixteen-26Signature: 20-28

While pitting Lennox vs. Service, their fundamental tier fashions each cap out at 17 SEER. At the same time as Trane’s worth fashions start with a SEER score as much as 14.five, it loses footing to competing manufacturers with a cap of sixteen SEER.

Service has one AC unit with a most 26 SEER, however Lennox’s top SEER scores within the center and top class ranges provides it an aspect over the contest. Each Lennox and its worth logo, Ducane, have lengthy prioritized top power-potency. 

Lennox boasts the best possible SEER score to be had with the SL28XCV air conditioner, which is a part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Assortment. Whilst a variety of elements can have an effect on your HVAC gadget’s power potency degree, like high quality of insulation, age of home windows, and regimen upkeep to the gadget, Lennox is the most productive position to start out if you wish to lighten your carbon footprint.

Worth Comparability 

It’s uncommon to seek out transparent pricing for a selected unit on Trane, Lennox, or Service’s web site. The issue with nailing down a precise worth is that such a lot of elements move into figuring out your value. 

As an example, set up prices range by way of geographic region and local weather, every so often by way of hundreds of greenbacks. Parts of your house, like if ductwork is already put in, the will for multiple HVAC, or further apparatus you can also need to come with all have an effect on the base line.

All 3 manufacturers additionally spouse with HVAC sellers, who act because the carrier supplier among the logo and the buyer. The ones sellers set their very own charges with regards to hard work and fabrics, which once more, can modify the fee you may pay for a device in North Carolina in comparison to the very same device in California.

Trane lists the full value averages (unit worth + set up rate) for all its AC devices on its site. Trane’s put in prices on its XR fashions vary from $five,800-10,800. If you wish to have an XL or XV type, you’ll make investments $14,000 or extra. 

Service’s website online claims it does now not record pricing “as a result of the big variety of things that affect the fee to put in critical [AC] devices.” On the other hand, purchaser knowledge indicates Service’s Convenience tier costs vary from $four,892 to $7,224

A Lennox Benefit AC will most probably value you among $three,one hundred and $7,340 to put in. Identical to Trane, the cost is going up if you wish to have an Elite or Signature style.

All 3 manufacturers are recognized for prime quality and sturdiness. That’s why they’re all in similar worth levels, and why worth on my own isn’t a good way to match Lennox vs. Trane vs. Service. 

We propose contacting an area contractor for probably the most correct quote. In the end, your contractor could possibly be offering higher offers than the nationwide averages recommend. 


Winner: Lennox

Bring to mind your AC unit as a boxing ring. The compressor is the show, or the important element, that powers and instructs all of the gadget what to do. The AC compressor movements the refrigerant during the gadget to gather heat air from inside of your house and ship cool air again during the ductwork.

All 3 manufacturers be offering unmarried-level, double-level and variable compressors. Ahead of we talk about the diversities throughout manufacturers, we’ll first give an explanation for the several types of compressors. 

Compressor Varieties

  • Unmarried-level: This compressor turns on as quickly because the indoor air turns into warmer than your thermostat’s temperature surroundings. As an example, in case your room is about to 70 levels, your unmarried-level compressor kicks in as soon as the room’s temperature hits seventy one levels. Those compressors actually move from 0 to one hundred % energy. They may be able to handiest function at their absolute best capability. Unmarried-level compressors many times rotate among off and on all the way through the day. At the same time as this taste of compressor is the most typical and least pricey, it’s additionally the least power environment friendly of the 3.
  • Double-level: This selection, often referred to as twin-level, has each low and high velocity settings. At the same time as it’s able to operating at complete capability, it could actually additionally run at 60 to 70% capability. Double level compressors are on and operating extra ceaselessly than unmarried level, however they shop extra money on power. The decrease capability environment is used more often than not and is to thank for the unit’s top potency. 
  • Variable level: This compressor wins highest-in-display for its spectacular efficiency and unrivaled power potency. Variable level compressors have 3 or extra settings, and they may be able to run as little as 25 to 30% in their complete capability. Those compressors will run virtually all day within the hotter months, rotating among low and high settings as wanted. The most productive power-potency comes with a top price ticket in comparison to unmarried and double-level compressors. 

Now, we’ll get into the varieties of compressors each and every logo makes use of (and whether or not they’re as much as snuff).

Trane vs. Service vs. Lennox: Compressors

Trane: All of Trane’s house AC devices use its proprietary Climatuff™ compressors. Trane basically makes use of unmarried or twin-level compressors, however of its top class devices be offering a variable-level compressor.  Climatuff™ compressors have a name for being quieter than different choices available on the market.

Service: Copeland compressors are same old for Service merchandise. Virtually all of Service’s fundamental and center-tier ACs use a unmarried-level compressor. The only exception is the Efficiency 17, a mid-tier product that gives twin-level compression. Its top class tier has a mixture of unmarried and twin-level compressors, and one type gives variable-level.

Lennox: Like Service, Lennox makes use of Copeland compressors. Its fundamental tier gives each unmarried and twin-level compressors. Its center tier gives unmarried and variable-level compressors, and its top class ranges have each twin and variable-level choices. 

The selection among a variable-level compressor or unmarried or twin-level ones would possibly come right down to the significance you put upon power use, your local weather, and price range. Lennox gives an outstanding array of compressor varieties throughout all 3 pricing degrees, giving it a leg up over Trane and Service’s extra restricted alternatives. 

Capacitor Efficiency

The capacitor is the powerhouse of the AC unit. There are 3 several types of capacitors: run, get started and twin. 

Capacitor Varieties

Get started capacitors lend a hand rev up the AC automobiles, giving them the voltage spice up they want to energy the unit. HVAC devices require a considerable amount of energy to rise up and operating, and with no correctly running capacitor, your AC gained’t carry out.

Run capacitors provide the cars power when they’ve already gotten up and operating. A twin capacitor is a -in-one software. It will probably jumpstart the automobiles and stay them operating. Without reference to which capacitor sort your unit makes use of, your AC can’t run correctly with out it. 

All 3 manufacturers have compatibility with a variety of 3rd-birthday party capacitors. Capacitor efficiency shouldn’t be the only metric to make use of while evaluating those manufacturers.  

You’ll be able to acquire capacitors on-line, or thru an HVAC contractor. AC capacitors on a regular basis vary from $nine to $forty five, and the set up typically falls among $one hundred twenty and $250, with nearly all of upkeep touchdown within the $one hundred seventy vary, as expected via House Consultant.

Whilst you’ll be able to DIY a capacitor acquire, the similar can’t be stated for set up. Should you attempt to set up or substitute a capacitor your self, the top voltage can surprise you and result in damage or dying (despite the fact that your AC’s energy is became off). 


Winner: Trane 

Without reference to your price range, reliability will have to be a most sensible precedence for your quest for the very best house AC. Heating and cooling techniques are an funding, so take the chance to judge the guaranty prior to making the acquisition. Warranties create a security web, supplying you with peace of thoughts that your AC will paintings smartly for years. 

All 3 manufacturers be offering restricted warranties for each and every in their AC devices. Notice that none of those manufacturers’ warranties duvet the price of hard work to fix those portions. 

Restricted Guaranty Choices


  • Trane: 12 for XL or XV fashions, 10 for XR
  • Service: 10 years 
  • Lennox: 10 for Signature and Elite fashions, five for Benefit


  • Trane: 10 years
  • Service: 10 years
  • Lennox: five years

There are a couple of extraordinary outliers. Trane and Service pass virtually neck-and-neck in protection, however Trane’s 12-yr compressor guaranty on its XL and XV  fashions provides it a mild facet over Service. A few of Trane’s ACs additionally be offering a 20-yr warmth exchanger guaranty, which fits a long way past what the contest gives.

Plus, Service’s 10-yr warranties most effective practice in case you sign in your AC inside of ninety days of install. In a different way, the Service AC guaranty reduces to 5 years. In the event you’re a home-owner who plans on staying placed for the lengthy haul, a Trane top class style is usually a nice choice.

In evaluating Lennox vs. Trane or Lennox vs. Service on warranties, Lennox gives a five- or 10-yr compressor guaranty, relying at the type bought. If you wish to have a ten-yr portions guaranty, which comes same old with Service and Trane, you’ll have to shop for the absolute best-finish style. 

If those manufacturers’ restricted warranties aren’t chopping it for you, all 3 be offering prolonged warranties that you’ll be able to acquire from 3rd-birthday celebration HVAC sellers. 

How to make a choice an HVAC technician

Settling on the most productive HVAC logo and type to shop for is just one piece of the puzzle. Connecting with a professional HVAC technician is similarly as essential.

A 3-yr take a look at from the Nationwide Institute of Requirements and Generation (NIST) discovered that negative AC install can result in leaky ducts and different issues. Those problems can decrease your AC’s potency via 30% or extra, making your SEER score tank and your power invoice spike. 

That’s the place we are available. We’ve accrued guidelines for settling on the most productive HVAC technician. By way of asking the right kind questions and working out HVAC fundamentals, you’ll discover a native HVAC set up corporate that gives the standard paintings you wish to have to offer protection to your funding.

Our Guidelines for selecting a contractor

Save round. It is going to appear obtrusive, however you’ll need a vary of prices from native contractors. Although the primary contractor you communicate to sounds highest for the task, pass-test their quote with no less than others for your space. 

Ask the contractor to make sure that they’re authorized, bonded and insured. In the event that they hesitate to offer evidence or act angry through the query, steer transparent. Unfortunately, your trail to criminal recourse is terribly tricky if an uninsured or unlicensed contractor botches your AC install. 

Be careful for extremes. If a low quote feels too just right to be real, it most probably is. Your contractor could also be much less thorough, best you to pay extra per 30 days in power expenses and upkeep. 

If a fee feels unreasonably top, the contractor could also be looking to promote you additional products and services or portions that you simply don’t want. It’s additionally a purple flag if the contractor pressures you to shop for anything else at the spot. 

Stay a written document. Ask the contractor to put in writing down their price, the product identify, and different necessary information in order that they don’t upcharge you at the again finish. 

Use the Higher Industry Bureau’s seek to ensure that the contractor is respected. 

Best possible General

You could have clicked in this article anticipating a transparent-minimize winner from the Lennox vs. Trane vs. Service debate. On the other hand, the most productive traits of each and every of those manufacturers are simply as distinctive as your wishes.

Those 3 manufacturers each and every make merchandise that meet the wishes of households right through the most up to date and coldest days. Trane’s long guaranty could also be a really perfect have compatibility in case you’re making plans on staying in the similar house for over a decade. 

Lennox’s lofty SEER scores make its devices perfect for somebody taking a look to economize on their electrical invoice. Service’s dependable ACs boast extensive phase availability and moderately affordable upkeep. 

Permit your circle of relatives’s wishes to lead your determination for the most productive HVAC logo selection. For those who’re nonetheless determining which options imply probably the most to you, discover our most sensible HVAC manufacturers information.

Updated: October 6, 2021 — 3:50 pm